Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Trip to Mom's hometown of New Orleans

The three of us enjoyed our trip to NOLA for Memorial Day weekend. Maeve did great on the flight - only a few outbursts of tears for 5 minutes. Nothing we couldn't handle, but I can't imagine having a baby that screams like that the whole flight. Maeve enjoyed chewing on my necklace that Jan got me - it was a great toy for the plane since it can't drop on the floor too easily!

There were lots of new people to meet in New Orleans. Maeve met Ashlie and Cherie's baby boys, James and Nolan, and was waiting to meet Michelle's baby (due Friday) but he was born today so we just missed meeting baby Harrison. Per usual for a trip to New Orleans, we ate lots of food. Our friends had a crawfish boil on Sunday and it was delicious! We hung out all day at Cherie and Scott's house where Maeve enjoyed her first dip in the kiddie pool. Hopefully she'll enjoy the food in New Orleans as much as we did someday (although Kate didn't enjoy all of the food growing up as her brother, Paul, would attest to since he made it a point to poke fun at his youngest sister for being so picky!) Other must-haves to eat this trip included beignets, po' boys, snowballs, Tastee donuts, redfish and Zapps chips. We showed Maeve some of the city highlights including City Park, Royal St, Bourbon St, St. Louis Cathedral, the Lakefront, and the houses in Lakeview. We stayed at Jimmy and Ashlie's house where Maeve enjoyed playing with James and his toys and Nolan (Cherie and Scott's little boy) let us borrow his rock 'n play so Maeve would have her back-up sleeping arrangement which did come in handy 2 of the nights. We're looking forward to planning another trip to Kate's hometown.

Enjoy the pictures!


  1. So glad all of you had such a wonderful visit to NOLA. The pictures are wonderful!

  2. Looks like a wonderful trip to NOLA!! The crawfish look amazing... I'm jealous!