Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Maeve is on the Move!

Clearly Maeve is showing Mom and Dad what being 8 months old is all about!! - she is capable of getting herself around!  Time to get  all those safety things in place so she doesn't hurt herself in her new found adventures (You know those safety things that make it a pain for adults to do what they want to do)!  She has enjoyed opening drawers after she watched Mom do that one morning, and if we turn our head away long enough she will start decorating the floor with all of her clothes from the drawer!!

Unfortunately she caught a bit of a stomach bug in the past 24 hours so Mom and Dad will be switching off our time at home and work in the next day or two.  She has to remain healthy for 24 hours before she can return to school.  Its most likely related to teething, but apparently 3 of the other kids in her classroom are experiencing a similar thing right now :)

For now, enjoy the video!  Off to the cabin this weekend to spend time with all of the family, so lets hope she is better before then.  She is getting so big, so last night we decided it was time to purchase the convertible car seat so Mom didn't have to carry the heavy seat with the big girl anymore.  Thank goodness for Amazon Prime, it will be here tomorrow!

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  1. Wonderful video! Maeve is really on the move! Good luck with all the child proofing.