Friday, August 29, 2014

Portland Maine

We've had so much fun the last few days that we haven't found the time to post!  All is well here in New England - We spent the last 48 hours in Lebanon, New Hampshire.  From here we visited Burlington, Vermont (90 minute drive from our hotel) and we explored Waterfront Park where we walked down the path and got to see some beautiful sail boats.  For lunch we went to American Flatbread and got some delicious pizza.  We intentionally got a small pizza because then we headed to Ben & Jerry's factory in Waterbury, Vermont where we did the factory tour and sampled delicious ice cream.  In fact, we sampled so much that our stomach's ached after we left!  (Thats a good thing if you ask me :)) We rounded out our day by going to the Simon Pearce Glassblowing factory.  We got to see them making some beautiful wine glasses here in the 2,500 degree oven.  We were tempted to purchase a Christmas tree, but realized they were pretty spendy!

Friday morning we went to explore the Dartmouth campus where Maeve can officially begin her Ivy League college tour.  We also drove to Windsor, Vermont where we got to drive through one of the longest covered bridges in all of New England!  What a spectacular scene.  Then we packed up and drove the 2.5 hours from Lebanon, New Hampshire to Portland, Maine where we are staying the next 2 nights.  This afternoon we got to meet up with Kate's cousin Elizabeth and her husband Stephen in Portland as they were on their way to Northern Maine for the long weekend.  We enjoyed some delicious mussels and a couple of pints right on the waterfront!  What a beautiful afternoon!  For dinner Kate and I ate at a delicious seafood restaurant called Street & Co.  The only seating was outside and by now it had cooled down quite a bit, but we wanted to eat here based on the reviews so we braved it outside.  The food was incredible and it was tucked back in off a nice alley, although the dinner required Eric to walk Maeve up and down the street every so often while Mom could enjoy her delicious clams!

Tomorrow we plan to meet up with Eric's boss who lives in Portland, visit the Head Light Lighthouse and watch the Irish march on to victory versus Rice.

Everything has been great, including our 9 month old daughter!  We've logged over 600 miles on our rental car since Wednesday afternoon and we still have more to go!

Rumor has it from Elizabeth that the Bushes are in town at Kennebunkport this weekend, so maybe we will be lucky enough to cross paths :)

Enjoy the pics!


  1. 600 miles on car is a lot. Have you stopped long enough to let the tires cool off?? Sounds like you haven't missed a thing and your trip will be really complete if you see the Bush's as we did. They cwrtaiy have a nice point to live in. We saw them arrive and unloading vehicles etc. enjoy your trip. We head to boat today. Currently in Basel and doing well love us

  2. What a wonderful trip! That covered bridge is pretty incredible! Loved seeing Maeve eat pasta!