Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Summer visit from Edmonds family

We did so much this past weekend since Grandma and Grandpa Edmonds, Anne, and Finn were visiting. Here are the highlights from the weekend that I'll share in words and in pictures:

  • Backstage tour at the Minnesota Zoo - we were up close with the sharks, fish, sting rays, and eels. Check out the pictures where we were at the top of the tank where the divers go in. Finn loved every animal. Maeve preferred to keep her distance. Finn loved his first carousel ride but Anne lost her sunglasses on the ride! We saw a ton of mama and baby animals and a training demonstration with the brown bear

  • Finn and Maeve played with clay, shopped at the grocery store, played in a rock band, and slid down slides at the Children's Museum

  • Eric made a deep-fried turkey and there were almost NO leftovers. We hung out with Maeve's friend Charlotte and her parents, Craig and Meredith, where they experienced their first deep-fried turkey.

  • We went swimming at Jan and Steve's and played with cousin Will

  • Eric and Ed worked on house projects like hanging up diplomas in the office and building and hanging shelves in the basement to hold Kate's Chevron car collection

  • Sadie turned 11 years old and we celebrated with Dairy Queen ice cream

  • Had lots of fun on wagon rides. See this video of Maeve showing Finn her favorite thing to do when we turn the corner to our house after a night time walk  - 

  • Swinging at the park- Maeve made sure that Grandma was having just as much fun as she was and demanded that she swing next to her

  • Playing with the splash table and house outside and trying to stay clear of the bees that are everywhere!

  • Exploring play dough and making fun things with it


  1. We had a wonderful visit! Thanks for planning such a fun weekend. Maeve and Finn are adorable! Love all the pictures.

  2. What an amazing weekend! Love seeing these cousins grow up together :)