Sunday, August 30, 2015

State Fair

We did it...we came home from our last weekend at the lake this summer and got back into the car and went to the Great Minnesota get together - the State Fair. You'll see how many people were there in one of the attached pictures. It's all about the food so we enjoyed a soft pretzel and cookies for dessert. Maeve loved them! She had grilled chicken for dinner....probably one of the only things that we could find that wasn't deep fried. We enjoyed food from Holyland, a local Greek restaurant - falafels, chicken gyros, and a mediterranean lemonade (Kate's favorite thing at the fair!).

We also enjoyed time at West Battle Lake for the last weekend at the fair since we'll be heading to California next weekend. Maeve loved spending time with her Grandma and Grandpa Kirchner as well as riding on the boat, going for wagon rides, playing at the park and grilling in her play kitchen set. One thing that she couldn't get enough of this weekend was picking up all of the acorns that were falling off the oak tree.


  1. SO glad that you could come to the lake for one more time this summer. It was a wonderful relaxing weekend, except for the pelting of acorns. Have a great week. Love to all of you!!

  2. What a fun weekend! Great pictures! Glad Maeve liked the State Fair. A new family tradition has begun. 🍪😃

  3. I love the shots of Maeve and the cookie and sitting in the car. You need one on the running board of a 30's or 40's antique auto.

    Jan - I had to sweep the acorns away from my grill this evening.


  4. What a fun weekend!! Love all the pictures :) Miss y'all!