Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sadie K - our dog angel

Yesterday we had to say goodbye suddenly to our 11 1/2 year old Golden Retriever, Sadie. Sadie ended up developing bloat last night (literally came on last night after work), essentially a twisting of the stomach.  Given her age, we did not feel the emergency surgery was appropriate given the potential risks.  It is always tough, but extra tough when it happens so suddenly.

She lived a great dog life over the past 3 1/2 years since we've rescued her. She loved sleeping on our red couch, playing outside, going for walks, and eating ice cream. She was such a wonderful pet and brought so much joy to our lives. When we welcomed Maeve to our family a little over 2 years ago, we couldn't have been more pleased with how Sadie treated her. She was always gentle even as Maeve grew into the toddler years.

Trying to explain to a 2 year old that Sadie is gone is hard. She's asked about her all day and thinks she is outside (since that's the last place that she saw her last night) but we told her that she died and isn't coming back but that we will always be able to see her in pictures. Our pictures are our memories and even though Maeve won't remember Sadie when she's older, Eric and I will always remember the special bond that we shared with Sadie and that Sadie had with Maeve.

Sadie Kirchner

8-20-04 to 1-8-16

"Love is being owned by a Golden Retriever"


  1. Beautiful photos and precious memories of an incredible dog and family member. She will be truly missed and always in our hearts. I have so many precious memories of her, from when you first brought her home and how she loved the toy duck her cousin, Sadie P, gave her to being able spend her 11th birthday with her. She always posed beautifully for photos for me and was such a gentle soul. With much sympathy and love.

  2. Grandpa Ed and I will miss sweet Sadie! We enjoyed being with her on our visits. I will never forget learning how to take the snow out of her paws when I helped with Maeve when she was a baby. Sadie was such a wonderful companion and we will always remember her. You have so many wonderful memories and pictures of a sweet dog.

  3. Steve/Dad and I are so very sorry for your loss. Sadly we know how difficult this experience was/is! When you adopted Sadie you gave her such a gift and she loved you back in so many ways. I believe she was so grateful to you and knew she was finally safe. Although she didn't get along well with Abby and others she was always very sweet and gentle . Sadie was such a patient and gentle dog with Maeve, what a relationship they had! You always referred to her as a fool. Just last week when we were babysitting she decided to sit on the "other" red couch. We tried to coax her off but she smiled and seemed to say, not happening Grandma & Grandpa. We will miss her beautiful eyes and nudges. Sadie K we will never forget you! We know that you crossed the Rainbow Bridge and Emily was waiting for you ! Much love and hugs!

  4. Sadie was a special dog. She had a gentle and kind soul around human beings - now, as to other dogs, not so much. She was a classic beauty with her golden hue. As a rescued dog, she was rewarded with a wonderful three and one-half years surrounded by loving owners. She was a wonderful companion especially for Maeve, and I particularly remember Maeve squealing with delight on seeing Sadie enter the room. Sadie was particularly nice towards Maeve and protective. Her sweet demeanor was always displayed around Maeve.

    When Brigid and I were granted the benefit of a few extras days in Edina on our way home from Boise in late December, I did not realize how precious one of my Christmas gifts would be - a few special days with Sadie and her family. One morning she performed a common trick with me - demanding attention. She kept forcing her head under my hand begging to be petted. She pawed at me with her left paw whenever I stopped petting her - telling me I had quit stroking her too soon. Finally, she rolled over on her back so that I would rub her underside. This is a great sign of total friendship and trust by a dog.

    She loved her red couch and multiple beds. She routinely cleaned Maeve’s high chair after a meal. She greeted her family and guests at the door with her stuffed animal. She would need coaxing to eat her meals, but would gladly clean the drippings from the grill on the deck. She never turned down ice cream. Well, you can say that about me as well. She was excellent at relaxing, particularly at the cabin. I guess we shared that ability as well.

    Her beauty and spirit will remain with all of us. She was always a joy to spend time with. I will miss the big puppy and special hound.

    Grandpa Ed