Thursday, February 11, 2016

Grandma Brigid's visit

In preparation for Baby #2 and because Eric was on a ski trip, Grandma Brigid came to town. We had a great time entertaining Maeve at the Zoo, at the Ice Castle and at gymnastics. We also went out to eat with Uncle Scott, Aunt Laura and Grandma Jan and Maeve got a compliment because she was so good (and they told me she could make loud noises since she was squealing with delight because the food was delicious!) The new Eric Carle exhibit was fantastic and a big hit with Maeve and Grandma Brigid and Grandma Jan.

Maeve is talking so much, she has the memory of her father (ie remembers everything!), and is now counting. Check out this video from 2 weeks ago at Grandma Jan and Grandpa Steve's house.

We did do some prep work to get prepared for Baby #2. We washed and organized bottles and we cleaned the "gender neutral" clothes and organized them in the nursery. Only major thing left to do is get the car seat back in the car and set up the pack 'n play and we still have (hopefully) 2 months to go!


  1. Love it!! Maeve can count to ten!! A budding math major! The pictures are wonderful. It was a fun visit.

  2. What a fun visit with Grandma! Can't wait to visit and meet baby Kirchner #2!!!