Sunday, February 21, 2016

Maternity Photo Shoot - Baby #2

Thanks to a brand new camera, a husband photographer, and Grandma Jan and Grandpa Steve's photography and location to take some pictures, we have some maternity pictures for Baby #2.

Pregnancy is going well besides the typical ailments of backaches and now restless sleeping. We are now just under 2 months to go until the due date! You can make guesses anytime on the gender and the birth date. Eric is convinced it's a boy and Kate has no feeling one way or another this time around. We aren't sharing names but we have narrowed it down to a few favorites for a girl and a boy! We can't wait to meet a healthy baby at the end of all of this!

Oh and the theme for Maeve's classroom last week was 'family' so here is a thumbprint drawing of her family. She's starting to pick up on the fact that things are changing soon. She now says 'baby in mommy's tummy coming soon.' She will be a great big sister!


  1. Such sweet photos!! I love them :) Can't wait to meet baby #2!!

  2. Fabulous pictures! Baby Kirchner is a lucky baby with wonderful parents and sweet big sister Maeve!

  3. Love these photos, and of course all of you!! I was just looking at your pregnancy picture from Maeve's pregnancy taken at St Thomas. In fact, Maeve and I looked at it this morning and we talked about it. Can't wait to meet all of the Baby Kirchner's.