Friday, April 8, 2016

Cecilia Week 1

It's hard to believe that 1 week ago around now (about 9:30pm) we were headed to the hospital for what we thought was just the baby moving down into position causing some mild discomfort. After calling several family members and friends that were all out of town, our neighbor stopped by to listen for Maeve in case she woke up and Scott drove down to stay the night with Maeve. Since we were 2 1/2 weeks before the due date, we didn't think this would be the time that our baby would arrive. We were wrong! We checked into the hospital and things were progressing enough to be admitted. We knew we'd welcome our baby sometime on the 2nd of April. After an easy labor with the help of an epidural (relative to Maeve's drug free labor), we delivered a beautiful baby girl at 10:15am. The hardest part for us was having to wait so long to meet her (12 hours of labor in the hospital vs. 2 hours with Maeve).

Aunt Marj was gracious enough to watch Maeve for most of Saturday until Jan and Steve arrived home from Hawaii. The Kirchner clan came to the hospital that afternoon and brought Maeve to meet her baby sister. She loved her Elsa doll, stickers, and markers from Cecilia!

We both loved the name Cecilia Anne and were so excited to give Maeve a little sister. Cecilia is the Patron Saint of Music and also Kate's Confirmation name. Anne is Kate's sisters name and also the name of family members on Eric's side. I think most people convinced us that we were having a boy but Maeve always guessed a baby sister and she was right.

We welcomed Cecilia home on Sunday night. Grandma Brigid had arrived earlier in the day to meet her 6th grandchild and will be staying for several weeks to help out and see Aunt Anne who will visit at the end of the month. We also visited Great Grandma Joanne today to introduce her to her second great grandchild. It's been a fun week getting to know Cecilia and to watch Maeve welcome her baby sister.


  1. So happy to be with all of you as we welcome beautiful Cecilia Anne into the family. Pictures are adorable.

  2. Beautiful baby girl with many members of her extended family. She is such a precious gift.


  3. Grandpa Steve even got to hold and play with Cecilia also and she sure is a very little bucket of Love. It's hard to think that we all start out that small and then grow up so fast. She opened her eyes for me and was watching the world and looking around. One other time it was my job to wake her up for feeding and she wasn't ready to wake up yet so Kate had to take over and wake her.
    We got to have Maeve stay overnight and bring her to the hospital and she is a lot of fun to be with also. She loves her play kitchen and she was cooking alot of very special creation meals for Grandpa and Grandma. Someday I suspect she will cook some pretty special meals for Cecilia. she is a bundle of joy to us all, Grandpa Steve

  4. My beautiful niece! We are so excited you are here to join our family. You are already so loved and so lucky to have Maeve as a big sister. I look forward to so many memories watching you and your cousins grow up together!