Saturday, April 16, 2016

Week 2

Cecilia has been busy in her second week of life. She's gone on 2 walks, enjoyed the Farm babies at the Minnesota Zoo, took her first bottle and got her first bath at home. Maeve is enjoying her role as big sister (mostly) and enjoys getting presents and putting the baby in the swing. Both girls are sitting on Mom's lap in the first picture and Cecilia resembles her sister in the pack-n-play with her arms up while she sleeps. We are enjoying the nice weather in Minnesota!


  1. I love being in Minnesota with my beautiful granddaughters! I enjoy sharing this special time with Kate, Eric, Maeve, and Cecilia.💞

  2. Love these photos! Two cute sisters :) Cecilia reminds me of Maeve laying in the bassinet with her arms out of the swaddle! Can't wait to see my nieces!