Monday, June 27, 2016

1st Day of School

Today was Cecilia's 1st Day of School and my first day back to work. It was easier to drop off this time since we know the school and the teachers. Most of Cecilia's classmates are siblings of Maeve's friends so we know the parents too. On Friday I stopped in to see the set up of the room and noticed that they spelled her name wrong - Cecelia instead of Cecilia - so I had them correct that. I'm sure I would've been mad about it this morning if I hadn't caught it earlier but they had it all fixed! The school even sent me flowers to work which was so sweet!

We were worried that she wouldn't drink all of her bottles but she took all 10 ounces so the teachers said to bring more tomorrow! She only slept 3 hours so she's currently sleeping in my arms as I write this post. We'll see how the night goes tonight!! Maeve also loved helping drop off her sister in her room today.

Here are the pictures from her day.

Maeve also started in the Early Pre-school room earlier this month.

She's having a great time with friends that used to be in her classroom and other kids that transitioned with her from her toddler room. They took school pictures a few months ago and they all came out great! We even hired the photographer to take family pictures of us in the Fall because we loved how they turned out!

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  1. Love it, I am so glad Cecilia did so well on her first day! The pictures of Maeve are so adorable :)