Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cecilia's 1st Apple Orchard

We had a great day at the Apple Orchard. We went with some friends to an orchard about 40 minutes away. It's owned by Terri Traen of the KQ morning show which is one of Eric's favorite radio shows. He got to meet her and talk to her too. The girls, Maeve and Sloan, enjoyed rides, playgrounds, apple slinging, a corn maze, and a hay ride. Cecilia enjoyed posing for pictures and Quinn (3 months old) enjoyed eating most of the time!


  1. What a fun day for all of you!! The pictures are great. How wonderful that Cecilia is sitting up! I love how much Maeve enjoys entertaining her sister. So cute..😊

  2. What a perfect fall day! I love all the pictures. So exciting Cecilia is sitting up :)

  3. Everyone looks like they enjoyed the trip to the Apple Orchard. This is one of the great things about fall in the midwest.