Thursday, October 6, 2016

Cecilia is 6 Months old

Happy 6 months (a few days late) to Cecilia. Half a year already! She had a great trip to Ireland which we'll write about soon. We thought it would be great to choose a handmade blanket from Ireland this month. This was given to Maeve and handmade in Ireland by Geraldine's friend (Bernadette's Mom). We're still hoping she'll sleep through the night soon but she's taking her bottles like a champ now!

She also looks up to her sister a lot. She loves her and anytime she is fussy it's Maeve that can usually make her laugh!


  1. Such cute pictures of two adorable granddaughters! I love them both so much!💖 Happy 6 months, Cecilia.

  2. Beautiful pictures of the world travelers!!