Friday, December 2, 2016

Cecilia is 8 months old

Our baby is 8 months old! She loves scooting to find all the toys she shouldn't have and has started to sit up from a lying down position. Eric found her sitting up in the crib a few days ago so we moved the mattress all the way down. We hope that she'll soon be over all of her illnesses and be healthy for Christmas when we travel to Boise!

This is a blanket handmade by Grandma Millie for Cecilia.


  1. She is growing so big and so cute just like her parents. Won't be long and she will be walking and then the fun starts all over again. Love Grandpa Steve

  2. I agree Steve that Cecilia is close to being completely mobile. Maeve and her parents will really enjoy what is coming soon. Looking forward to Christmas time in Idaho and visits in January.

  3. It's hard to believe that Cecilia is already 8 months old! She will soon be into everything!! Such a cute girl.❤️😀