Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve

We had a wonderful Christmas. We celebrated early because we head to Boise tomorrow, on Christmas Day. We received lots of nice things and Maeve loved her Elsa slippers and Art easel from Santa and Cecilia liked her "new" sit to stand toy (was Maeve's toy) and pajamas from Santa. Kate got a fit bit and a heated mattress pad and Eric got a meat thermometer and a cold brew coffee system among other things. Cecilia loved eating the bows. She was taking them off of everyone's gifts as you can see from the pictures. Maeve wanted to play with every toy as soon as she opened them. We did art, put her new furniture in the dollhouse, and colored. She was sad that Santa didn't give her a pink colored pencil but then she was glad that she got a pink marker.

In the afternoon we went to Church where we had to get there 45 minutes early to get a seat (much to Eric's dismay) and then he went to the back for about half the service to give Cecilia a bottle and walk around with her. Besides Maeve asking when it would be done, she did a good job at Church. The music was great! Then we headed to Jan and Steve's for a quick bite and to say Hi to YaYa! It was an eventful day!

I also included our pictures with Santa. It's probably the last year that we can go to the Macy's display since the store is supposedly closing. It's a bummer because they have the best Santas. Here is the same Santa that Maeve had when she was 1 years old.


  1. Wonderful, wonderful photos of everyone. Cecilia looks beautiful at her first Christmas. Maeve looks like she really enjoys her easel. It is nice to have the girls with many of the Kirchner family members.

  2. Love all the fabulous pictures! It is so fun when children can truly enjoy Christmas, and Maeve is enjoying everything this year. Cecilia is so happy in the pictures. They are both adorable granddaughters. Looking forward to seeing all of you in Boise! Merry Christmas 🎄❄

  3. Merry Christmas!
    We loved seeing all of you this evening. The pictures are fantastic and we will treasure the memories. Grandpa and I love you All! Have fun !Safe travels and have a wonderful time in Idaho!