Thursday, March 1, 2018

Hawaii 2018

Wow! Was that an amazing trip or what?! We had such an amazing time with our girls and both sets of grandparents. We are so lucky to have had this opportunity to spend time with family. It was so relaxing but in a different way with 2 young kids. They were really good - took great naps and slept through the night (mostly). There were several early mornings so I don't think we made it up past 10pm any night!! The one time I (Kate) made it up until 10pm was to watch the U.S. Women's hockey team win the gold medal. It felt strange to be on the beach and watch the winter olympics!

Highlights include:

  • Whale watching - we saw so many humpback whales and an incredible mom and baby whale breach

  • Luau - even though it rained and was moved inside

  • All of the funny things that Maeve said including when we asked a rhetorical question about 'who was Eric's mom' when he did something funny to which Maeve replied 'you are!' to Jan

  • Cecilia's love of the outdoors - if she was getting in trouble for pulling hair or hitting - you just had to change the subject to go outside on the balcony and she was great

  • 5am grocery run and trip to Starbucks on the 1st day since we were all so hungry and needed coffee

  • Good seafood - especially at Mama's Fish House and Dukes

  • The views at Mama's Fish House - you may see some pictures that I haven't posted on the Christmas Card later this year ;)

  • Swimming in the pool (except for the time that I lost Maeve for 30 seconds in the pool as she swam under the waterfall through the cave - the pool guy even remembered me several hours later and wanted to make sure everything was ok! I guess I freaked out a little bit ;))
While it was a long flight, the girls were really good. We're still getting over some jet lag and catching up on some sleep. We forgot how far away Hawaii is. While it won't be a yearly vacation, we hope to make it back there in the next 5 years!


    I enjoyed seeing all the photos tonight.

    I think Grandpa Steve really would like to be in Hawaii with everyone, I don't think he is enjoying his stay tonight on the floor at the Detroit Airport . WE both are so grateful to spend this time with all of you and the memories will last forever. We hope you can come back again and perhaps we can show you all a different island and scenery.
    Much love and ALOHA WISHES TO ALL!
    Mahalo, Jan & Steve

  2. Hawaii is a paradise! We loved spending time with family at such a beautiful spot. We have wonderful memories and pictures of a fabulous vacation! 🌴😎