Saturday, February 16, 2019

Kyle’s 1st month at home

We were so lucky to have live-in help for the first 5 weeks! We didn’t get out much but I did get several things done with the help of Aunt Anne, Grandma Brigid and Grandpa Ed like: taking pictures and mailing announcements, organizing clothes, hanging picture frames and ordering new pictures, and scanning baby cards to organize for Kyle’s baby book. Mom and I also finished two seasons of ‘The Crown!’

Now comes the reality of cooking, doing dishes and doing laundry all in between Kyle’s naps and entertaining the girls! So much for getting much more done while I'm on leave :)

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  1. Grandpa and I loved spending Kyle's first month with him! We enjoyed playing with Maeve and Cecilia and holding and rocking Kyle to sleep. We miss all of you! Thanks for all the hospitality and delicious meals. We look forward to spending time with you in Florida in March.