Monday, August 12, 2019

Kyle is 7 months old

7 Months old today!

Kyle is now trying some puffs and mum-mums. He can get a few in his mouth but then mostly gags or throws them on the floor. He's definitely interested in lots of baby food and is now taking all formula. Besides his first ear infection last week and the chronic daycare cough, he's been pretty healthy.

He's sitting up consistently now and he's army crawling and his sisters are just so excited about that (we aren't as excited as we can't take our eyes off of him and diaper changes are like wrestling an alligator). He's getting into the stage where he loves his mommy and doesn't want me out of his sight. If he hears or sees me then I have to pick him up but he still goes to other people!

We've had several trips to the cabin over the last month and he's been a pretty good traveler. Mostly sleeps and plays in the car but we can't quite make it without stopping at least once for a diaper change or feeding so we've checked out every rest area and a few gas stations that we hadn't been to before!

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