Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Maeve's 1st Day of Kindergarten

Maeve K loved her first day! She woke up to the 1st grade families leaving a special sign in our yard! 

She enjoyed:

  • meeting new friends (even the other Maeve in her class 😮)
  • chasing the gingerbread man (a fun way to tour the school)
  • eating school lunch (ham and cheese sandwich)
  • rest time on her nap mat (I'm still trying to figure out if she actually slept but I think she did)
  • Spanish songs
  • Playing outside

She was so brave and didn't even hesitate. Mrs. Moore made it so welcoming - from meeting her last week, to assessments yesterday - Maeve (and Mom and Dad) felt so comfortable dropping her off. We arrived pretty early this morning since you never know how long daycare drop off will take so we had extra time to meet her after-school program director and make an owl craft. 

Here's a look at her schedule for the year: 

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