Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Kyle 15 month check up

Doctor experience:
  • We received a confirmation e-mail and talked with scheduling the week prior to cancel Cecilia's appointment given she is >2 years old and they are only seeing patients <2 during COVID-19.  We thought for sure we were on as scheduled.  WRONG!  2nd time in as many weeks! (1st was his canceled ENT appointment). Turns out one of the other doctors we enjoy seeing was working and she had availability, but it was going to require me coming back in 1 hour.  What a hassle and despite me pleading my case, they said this was all they could do.  So I loaded Kyle back in the truck and started to head home.  I wasn't even out of the parking lot yet and they called me and suggested they could get me in right then.  Phew, what a relief!!
  • Prior to even being admitted into the building, we had to pass a pre-screening in the entryway to ensure we were all healthy and hadn't traveled outside of MN.  You will notice the sweet picture of me supporting my Buff during the appointment.
  • His checkup went great!  No ear infection (we've noticed he's been healthier since being out of daycare for 2.5+ weeks now) and he got his 2 required shots.

Other milestones:
  • Walking all the time now
  • Saying 'Dog,' 'Ball,' 'Snack', and mama and dad still
  • Trying to push some more teeth through (still only has 4) so now has taken a liking to his pacifier again
  • crawling down all the stairs - he even opened the door to the basement one time and started crawling down - so we need to watch him all the time
  • growing out his hair (not by choice but may see if we can get a man bun :) )

15 month stats:
  • height: 32.76 inches (95%)
  • weight: 24.74 lbs (79%)
  • head size: 18.7 inches (71%)

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