Monday, November 1, 2021

Arizona - MEA October 2021

 We had a great time showing this kids Arizona - a new state for all of them!

Highlights include:

  • Pool time
  • Candy bar bingo at the Marriott Canyon Villas
  • Celebrating Maeve's birthday a few weeks early (so she could celebrate warm like Cecilia did in Florida earlier this year)
  • Seeing college friends, Chris and Tina, and swimming in their pool
  • Security knocking on the door at 7am since the kids were excited about balloons for Maeve's birthday but the downstairs neighbors weren't as excited (since our kids got up at 5:15 every morning - and 4am the first night!)
  • Dinner outside and great food
  • McCormick Stillman train park
  • Hole in the Rock - hiking and great views
  • Swimming with friends at JW Marriott

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