Saturday, November 20, 2021

Maeve is 8

Wow - 8 years old! Maeve loves to do crafts, read, watch TV, gymnastics, soccer, and is looking forward to ski racing this winter.

We celebrated her birthday early as she wanted a destination birthday like her sister had. In Arizona, we ate at a delicious outdoor restaurant, swam in the pool and opened gifts at the hotel. 

On her actual birthday, she lost a tooth and asked for a present from the tooth fairy (which she got - a cool craft with coloring with sticks). We had donuts with family and fun at the Science Museum watching the Oceans Imax show and playing with the exhibits and trying to catch snowflakes. We then had a nice dinner at Grandma Jan and Grandpa Steve's house. The next day we went bowling with 3 friends - Grace, Ella, and Luella. She enjoyed scoring the highest points at 97 and then loved the arcade, of course.

She sure had her fair share of celebrations this year.

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