Saturday, December 7, 2013

We're live!

I did it.  Yes, I decided to give Word Press a try to learn all about it.  So many people indicate that this is the superior platform to use for blogging.  With the birth of our new baby girl Maeve in November, I decided it was time to figure out what blogging was all about.  Expect the content on this site to change a lot as I work to get a site up and running!!  Please bear with us as we work to get what we hope will be a daily newspaper like update from the Kirchner Family.  I can pretty much guarantee it won't be daily, but at least I can strive for that for now :)  I'm still learning as I go to, so hang in there!

To get the site this far took many late night hours reading and learning all about what a host was, how to get a domain, who the preferred providers were and how to effectively utilize.  To get the site this far took a combination of recommendations from friends, reading a book on how to create a Word Press site and watching online tutorials.  The hard part is behind us though, and now comes the fun part about designing the way the user will interact with our site.

We hope you enjoy our daily newspaper as much as we did in creating this!


  1. Very exciting!! What a great accomplishment!! Each day of life is a chance to learn and grow. I look forward to more posts. Love ya!!

  2. Very nice blog! I will look forward to reading the posts and seeing the pictures.