Sunday, April 19, 2015

Grandpa Steve's 60th & Bike Ride

We've been busy this weekend!  On Saturday morning we went to go visit the MN Zoo with Grandma Jan right when it opened because it was such a beautiful spring day!!  We were specifically headed to see the farm babies exhibit.  Maeve was a bit scared to get close to the animals, but we still had a great time overall.  Lately she seems a bit more shy than in the past.  When we left the zoo we heard one of the workers mention that there were over 5,000 visitors there that morning, so good thing we went right when it opened!

On Saturday afternoon while Maeve was napping (finally - she didn't want to go down initially!) Dad finished putting together the Burley for our initial bike ride.  You can see Maeve showing off her brand new bike helmet in the photos.  She did pretty well overall with the helmet.  It helped that she noticed both Mom and Dad had their helmets on the whole bike ride.  We went for 6 miles just to see how everyone's bikes felt and for Maeve to get a taste of the Burley.  Looking forward to many more bike rides in HHI next month!

On Sunday, we surprised Grandpa Steve for his 60th birthday.  We had brunch at a restaurant out on Lake Minnetonka.  We were hoping for some nice weather to be able to enjoy the lake, but instead we were stuck inside.  You will see Grandpa got a great picture with Maeve!

It was nice to have a good weekend of fun activities after our ER visit last weekend for Maeve's 105 degree temp!  What a scare that was, only to be told it was just viral!  Lets hope she is healthy for a good stretch now!


  1. Maeve is cuter than her 60 yr old Grandpa K!!! She looks like she is ready for bike riding at the ocean soon.
    Love Grandpa K

  2. What a fun day! Great pictures.

  3. What a fun weekend!! Happy Birthday, Steve!! Look forward to bike rides at HHI :)