Thursday, April 9, 2015

Happy Birthday Finnegan

Happy Birthday to our nephew, Finnegan! We had such a great time celebrating this past weekend. We enjoyed time at the Discovery center playing in the grocery store, with the lights and blocks, and playing outside. Maeve enjoyed helping Finn open his presents. Finn enjoyed smiling for the camera ALL THE TIME! He is such a ham and makes it easy to take pictures of him. Finn did not enjoy Maeve's screeching and even screamed one time when she screeched in his ear. She just got so excited to see their dog, Sadie! She loves dogs. Maeve showed off this past weekend by saying words like 'paper,' 'dog,' and 'all done.' Finn loved eating his whole birthday cupcake. We tried to give some to Maeve and she gagged from the icing. I guess she does have a little bit of her mom in her :) More of a salty tooth then a sweet tooth. She'll thank me later!

I also wanted to throw out a #tbt or #throwbackthursday to last year at this time when we went to Boise to meet Finnegan and now to see the picture we took this past weekend. Incredible how much they grow up!

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  1. Such a great weekend! They were so small a year ago, look at Finn crying and me all sick :( Too Funny! Can't wait to watch them grow this year!