Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter

Maeve and Finn enjoyed their first Easter egg hunt in Boise this past weekend. Maeve enjoyed picking up the eggs, trying to open them, and putting them in the basket. She also loved carrying around the Easter basket that Aunt Anne got for her. Finn preferred to put leaves in the basket, but did not enjoy when the 100+ 0-2 year olds started running towards the eggs. Uncle Eric enjoyed eating the taffy that was in all of the eggs. Maeve and Finn also had fun with the new toys that the Easter Bunny brought them. Thanks Aunt Anne!

Check out the video to see everyone in action:

We had a great time with part of the Edmonds family in Boise. Grandpa and Grandma Edmonds enjoyed spending time with two of their grandchildren. Uncle Sean and Aunt Anne were great hosts. We had delicious food, including Crawfish Monica for Good Friday, and the kids enjoyed all of the activities.

We spent part of the weekend celebrating Finn's birthday. Pictures to be posted at a later date so stay tuned....

Here are the Easter pictures from the weekend! Happy Easter to all of our family and friends!


  1. We had such a great weekend filled with lots of wonderful first moments and memories for a lifetime :)

  2. Loved the weekend! It was wonderful to spend time together. Also love all the pictures and videos!