Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

We had a great night trick-or-treating for an hour with our neighbor and friend, Lucy, and her 5-month old sister, Julia. Maeve enjoyed M&M's (her favorite), figured out how to open and eat a tootsie roll pop, and called everything else fruit snacks (Skittles, Mike and Ikes, and actual fruit snacks). There was a lot of trick-or-treaters on the cul-de-sac behind us but not many visitors to our house. Guess the giant bag of candy from Costco PLUS a giant box of full sized candy bars is going to work on Monday!

We also enjoyed time at Maeve's school fall festival a few weeks ago. There was a horse ride, pumpkin patch with stickers for pumpkins, chili and baked potatoes, a pie bake-off and trick-or-treating at all of the classrooms. We also had cupcakes at school yesterday but Maeve 'doesn't like it' and wouldn't even take one bite.

And today Eric and Maeve went to Great Grandma Joanne's house to say 'Hi.' Maeve enjoyed her time with 'Yaya' and is still going strong tonight after all the candy. Hopefully daylight savings time doesn't mean she'll wake up at 4:30am.


  1. Happy Halloween! I love all the Halloween pictures. What a fun day!

  2. Happy Halloween to the cutest little elephant around!! Wish we were trick-or-treating together!