Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mom's group celebrates 2nd birthdays

We can't believe that we celebrated Maeve's upcoming 2nd birthday this past Sunday with all of her friends (and ours too) from the new mom's group. All but 1 toddler was able to make it (he had a fever!) so we had a great turnout to go on tractor rides, play in hay stacks, and pick out pumpkins. Maeve also enjoyed looking at the llamas and cows and didn't seem to be scared by them as she has in the past. All of the other toddlers besides Maeve enjoyed cupcakes and singing 'Happy Birthday!' We're not sure what happened to Maeve as that was her only meltdown of the day. I guess she really doesn't like cupcakes (like her Mom)! After the orchard fun, we went to dinner at a nearby pub. That experience wasn't as fun as we waited for 1 hour for the children's food and by that time it was Maeve's bedtime so we left and grabbed Culver's on the way home and Maeve was asleep within 5 minutes. Luckily we brought her pj's with us and transferred her to the crib when we got home and she kept sleeping. She surprisingly wasn't too impatient at dinner even though we ate 1.5 hours after she usually eats. We're looking forward to all of the fall festivities that we have coming up and hope everyone in Minnesota enjoyed the 80 degree weather this past weekend.

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