Friday, September 2, 2016

5 Months Old

Cecilia is 5 months old today. This handmade blanket was made by her Grandma Jan and given to her on her Baptism day a few weeks ago! Isn't it beautiful?

We have a special outing today - we're going on her second airplane ride and visiting our new baby cousin, Benjamin Cormac Purl! We're so excited to get to meet him soon.

Cecilia has started enjoying food and some formula as we get ready for our trip to Ireland. She's easy going but not sleeping through the night yet. Sleep training has begun so hopefully we'll have longer stretches of sleep in the coming weeks!


  1. Happy little Cecilia on her beautiful blanket. Thank you for all the joy that you have given us during your first five months. Say hi to Benjamin!!

  2. Love Cecilia's beautiful smile. Can't believe you are already five months old! I love you, Cecilia.❤️