Monday, September 12, 2016

Summer sports with Maeve

Where did the summer go? We must've been busy since the unofficial end to summer, Labor Day, was last week! We thought we'd provide a few updates since Maeve is done with some of the sports that she enjoyed this summer. She had another season of Soccer which she enjoyed. We liked it too because it was during school hours so she could play during their afternoon outside time. You'll see in this video that she's getting the hang of dribbling (and I'll try to remember to take videos the correct way!) . She can also do the soccer moves 'control' and 'pull back' - and now she knows more about soccer than her Mom does!!

Maeve isn't continuing to do soccer in the fall since we're back to swimming and continuing gymnastics! We moved to a different day of the week for both so she's meeting new friends but here's a pic with her best friends from gymnastics, Sloan and Gianna, that we'll probably meet up with again in future classes!

And, lastly, Grandma Jan took Maeve fishing on the dock a couple of times this summer and she caught her first fish last month! She was excited and we caught it on video:


  1. Cute pictures! Maeve seems to like sports.💖⚽️

  2. Maeve seems excited about the fish! I am still thinking about hockey!