Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas in Boise

We had a wonderful trip to Boise to visit the Edmonds family. We had a house close to Anne, Sean, Finn and Benjamin and did so many activities. Maeve talks about her favorite things to do which include playing with Finn's doctor kit and knocking the snow off the snowman. Boise had a ton of snow so that was fun for the kids. My highlight of the trip was driving up the mountains to the Hot Springs. It was 0 degrees out but we went anyway and enjoyed the hot spring without anyone else there for about 2 hours. We all had a great time there and Maeve remembers that she saw something pink and it was Audrey's goggles under the water in the pool. She was excited that there were pink floaties and goggles to use while we were there. We also went to the arcade to play in the ball pit, jump time to jump on the trampolines, and snow tubing. We think Maeve loved snow tubing the best. Eric enjoyed a day of skiing with Hunter, Kaelyn, Marcia and Paul at Bogus Basin. The only downfall of the trip was that Cecilia had a cold so instead of running to the doctor like we would have here we called the nurse and she suggested a humidifier. That helped clear her up a little bit but didn't help her sleep consistently through the night so we were tired by the end of the trip. Hopefully someday soon she'll sleep through the night! We hope it's her New Year's Resolution!

So fun to see family but now back to reality at work and school. 

Here are some videos from the trip:

Enjoy the pictures. You can tell that we enjoyed our time there!


  1. I loved our vacation in Boise! There were lots of fun activities, and Grandpa and I loved being with all our grandchildren. The weather was cold and snowy, but we were able to enjoy all the winter activities. Thank you, Anne and Sean, for hosting our family get-together.

  2. Great memories of a wonderful Holiday together. Finn felt so special having all his cousins here. Love all the pictures!