Saturday, October 13, 2018

Maeve and Cecilia share a room

The girls are now sharing a room and we transitioned Cecilia to a big girl bed. It's been about a month so far and we are working on improving her sleep habits! She mainly needs to learn how to self soothe without being rocked or rubbing her back. She's still up at least once a night but she's going to bed without a fight. We are hopeful that we can get her to sleep better over the next few months before Baby #3 arrives. Luckily Maeve has continued to be a rockstar sleeper and sleeps through most of it. They do wake each other up in the morning so we don't even make it until 6am most mornings! And to top it all off, Cecilia decided that she wouldn't nap anymore on the weekends so now Maeve isn't either!! We are pretty exhausted and just hoping this phase ends soon and we can get some full nights of sleep before the baby is here.

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