Wednesday, October 10, 2018

We're Back!

Hello everyone!
Apologies for the long delay since our last post!  I was very busy converting our blog over to a different platform.  Primary reason for the conversion was due to ongoing security concerns with the prior platform.  

Many thanks to my brother-in-law Jon for his expertise related to the extremely lengthy and difficult conversion over to the new platform.  Most importantly we were interested in retaining the existing content and text from all the information we had released to date!  

I can say we were ~99.5% successful in that endeavor!!

Again, I couldn't have done it without Jon's assistance! 

The new interface is far more user friendly so our hope is that posts happen more frequently and with images so you can catch a glimpse into our world!  The new site should be mobile optimized as well - we'll be anxious to hear your feedback along the way! 

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