Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Cecilia Potty Training

Cecilia impressed us in the past 48 hours with her new ability to go potty on the toilet.  Today marks the first day where she wore underwear all day at school with no accidents!!  We hadn't really been working with her on potty training at all, so for this one, full credit goes to her sister Maeve and her school teachers.  I guess all that time where both Maeve and Cecilia were in the bathroom together was productive after all!  She is very interested in telling us when she has to go - were just working with her to explain that she doesn't have to go #2 every time she goes to the bathroom 😉

No baby news yet.  Everyone is anxious and excited!  Due date is just a few days away with January 14th!

Nice work Cecilia!

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  1. Grandpa Ed and I are so proud of you, Cecilia! Keep it up!

    Grandma Brigid