Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Christmas 2018

We had a wonderful time this Christmas. We spent Christmas in Minnesota as we wait for the arrival of Baby #3.

We had a nice Kirchner Family Christmas gathering on December 15th and enjoyed time with family.

We went to Christmas Mass on Christmas Eve and then to Grandma Jan and Grandpa Steve's house for dinner. We then went to Anne and Andrew's house on Christmas Day to see extended family and had a lot of fun playing with Will and Kaitlyn.

We put out our yummy cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeers. The girls were concerned that Santa left half a cookie and a few carrots. We think he was full from all the cookies he ate all over the world as he was delivering presents.

Santa brought a barbie house and some barbie dolls, sleeping bags and robes. We also enjoyed games, crafts, books, and clothes from family!

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