Monday, October 13, 2014

11 months old

Happy 11 months to our baby girl. I can't believe we were counting down to the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy this time last year. Maeve enjoys traveling, eating most finger foods, drinking from a sippy cup, and walking with her walker. She still does not enjoy a lukewarm bottle - it has to be hot, getting teeth - she's working on the 2nd top tooth right now, shoes and fall weather. Well, I kind of made the last one up but we've taken her to an apple orchard and a pumpkin patch and she's usually a happy baby but is not happy when we put her next to pumpkins for pictures. Our outings to the orchards happen to be the only time I've put shoes on her too so perhaps that is the issue. I'll report back after Halloween to determine which fall activity she doesn't like.

And Maeve was cooperating for her 11 month old picture - you can even see her 3 teeth with her big smile. But last weekend when we took a picture of her for her birthday party invitation, she cried because she is not excited about turning the big "ONE."

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  1. It is so surreal to think last year at this time you were 36 weeks pregnant and I was 18 weeks pregnant! Fast forward a year and now we have two beautiful, healthy and incredible babies :) So blessed! Can't wait to celebrate Maeve's birthday in a few weeks!!!