Sunday, October 19, 2014

Restaurant Week

It's our favorite time to eat out during the year. $30 for a 3-course meal at some of the top restaurants in town - Restaurant Week. We invited Jan and Steve to join us but Maeve wasn't too excited about sitting in the high chair for the whole meal. She liked her vegetable pouch and cheeseburger but was fussy for the rest of the dinner. Luckily there was an area right outside of the restaurant where she could crawl around. Her favorite thing to do (and has been all weekend) is to walk with her mom or dad with two fingers holding on. She's so close to walking, and she's so proud of herself. So we all took turns taking her out during dinner tonight. When we did bring her back to the table, she took everything out of her diaper bag as you can see from the picture. Luckily there weren't that many people near our table.

In other milestone news, we were excited when Maeve turned around to go down the one step we have in the sun room and did so unassisted.  That was exciting!

Here are some pictures from the not-so-relaxing dinner out.

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  1. She will really be motoring around and getting into things when she finally starts walking on her own. Love the hair - a modified Mohawk.