Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Notre Dame vs North Carolina

Maeve enjoyed her trip to see her grandparents in South Bend, Indiana this past weekend. She has now been to 12 states in 11 months of life. We did have a scare on Friday morning when daycare called to let us know that Maeve had 101 fever. We gave her some tylenol and let her rest until our flight that night. We crossed our fingers that it was just a bug that would go away on Saturday. She did great on the plane except for the pilot coming on the loud speaker and startling her right before she drifted off. Luckily, by Saturday, Maeve was all better and back to her usual, happy self.
It was a weekend filled with fall activities, football, and family. We went to the Notre Dame bookstore to get some apparel, took pictures on campus, walked around the tailgates on Saturday, and enjoyed the beautiful weather and win by Notre Dame. We met up with Kristin and Jay at their tailgate in the morning and ate lunch on campus with Maeve and Finn. Maeve and Grandma Brigid stayed home during the game so Maeve could get her beauty rest. In between naps and eating, she enjoyed pulling books off of Grandpa Ed's shelves, admiring her cousin Finn and his funny baby noises, and pushing the walker around the big basement.

Eric helped out with projects around the house while Anne, Kate, and Brigid shared stories about the craziness of motherhood. Never any downtime to relax because one of the babies always seemed to need something. We went to the pumpkin patch on Sunday but Maeve was fussy the whole time. She probably thinks her mother and Aunt Anne are crazy with all of these pictures but we love documenting the activities. One of my favorite pictures that I included was when Maeve was crying and you can see me holding a pouch of food to try to get her to smile. We managed to get a few good pictures but it was not a fun outing. All I can remember is squeezing between two car seats in the back of the Toyota and trying to entertain two fussy kids for 20 minutes. We eventually took out a Baby Einstein video to help calm them down. All and all it was a great trip. It is so fun to have cousins close in age and we are looking forward to meeting up with the rest of the Edmonds clan in Texas in December to meet our newest cousin, also close in age to Maeve and Finn, Audrey.


  1. Great pictures Kate! Looks like it was a great fall football weekend. Go Irish! I hope Maeve's fever was a little blip.

  2. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures. It was a great weekend!

  3. Love it! Those babies sure do keep life interesting, in the best way possible :)