Monday, October 6, 2014

Transition to a new room at daycare

Maeve transitioned from Infant B to Infant C today at daycare. She learned so much in Infant B and loved music class and art projects. Arriving in Infant C today, Maeve was ready for her new teachers and routines. Eventually we'll transition to 1 nap, sleeping on a cot, and getting rid of bottles. Starting today, she won't get any more pureed foods. Every teacher has said she is such a good eater. Let's just hope she has her dad's metabolism! We were the first in her classroom this morning so Maeve used the little chair as a walker, climbed on the table, dumped her cheerios out of the bowl and took a bite out of the styrofoam bowl. And that was all before I left! She had a great day and loved coloring with crayons and using the shakers and drums for music.

Here are some pictures of her Infant B teachers on her last day (she wasn't happy to be taking pictures before breakfast), some of my favorite art projects, and Maeve exploring her new Infant C room (notice the cheerios on the table and the empty bowl).


  1. Love the new pictures! Good luck to Maeve in her new class.

  2. I see that Maeve's "spiked" hairdo is still going strong. She is a true artist.